Fluke Networks

Cable-Talk have for many years been using cutting edge technology from Fluke, widely acknowledged as the market leader in cable and wireless testing equipment.

Fluke Networks delivers a complete and comprehensive solution portfolio to ensure security, performance and compliance of wireless networks that addresses and mitigates a wide range of threats.


Wireless Network Design

Using Fluke Technology Cable-Talk provide the most accurate wireless network solutions for designing, deploying and optimizing wireless networks for maximized performance, security and compliance. Expert planning and design tools ensure the wireless network is built to accommodate the highest capacity of users, meets the needs of demanding wireless network applications, and performs optimally in the most challenging RF environments.


WLAN Security and Performance Monitoring

Fluke Networks AirMagnet system provides complete visibility and control of an entire wireless network environment – automatically remediating threats and vulnerabilities, pro-actively alerting on performance problems and providing detailed compliance reports for regulatory standards such as PCI and HIPAA. Without any impact to performing full-time security monitoring and intrusion prevention, the system also allows users to perform remote troubleshooting.


WLAN Analysis and Maintenance

We provide analysis of a wireless LAN for quick and effective troubleshooting, remediation of rogue devices and compliance auditing. Intelligent insight into RF and network level information enables our network engineers and front line technicians to pinpoint the source of issues that pose risks or disrupt performance. Solutions ensure WLAN applications, such as voice-over-wireless LAN maintain integrity throughout deployment and expansion phases.


Structured Cabling Systems Testing

We test all cabled user outlets between points of termination using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), this provides a hard and soft copy of the individual user outlet tested.

The tests carried out are as follows:

  • Wire Map
  • Length (Metres)
  • Resistance
  • Mutual Capacitance
  • Near End Cross Talk (NEXT)
  • Headroom
  • Delay Skew
  • Attenuation (dB) (ACR)
  • Return Loss
  • PS NEXT (Power Sum Near End Cross Talk)
  • PS ELFEXT (Power Sum Equal Level Far End Cross Talk)
  • PS ACR (Power Sum Attenuation to Cross Talk Ratio).

The results for each user outlet are certified both by the testing engineer and the Cable-Talk Team Leader before incorporation into the documentation.

Prior to commencement of a proposed installation  we  will be pleased to provide a demonstration of:

  • Test equipment accuracy and consistency
  • Calibration procedures
  • Format of test results
  • Compliance to industry standards.

Cable-Talk have 10 Fluke DTX-1800s along with a range of other testing and termination equipment. The DTX-1800 enables fast identification and location of opens or breaks, short circuits, and anomalies in the cabling link under test. With a touch of the FAULT-INFO key, the DTX-1800 automatically diagnoses the cabling faults and graphically displays the cabling link and the location of the defect. Utilizing Enhanced High Definition Time Domain Crosstalk (HDTDX™) and High Definition Time Domain Reflectometry (HDTDR™), the DTX-1800 can precisely locate the position of a crosstalk problem any distance along the link, measured in feet or meters, from the tester. These high definition diagnostics make the DTX-1800 the industry’s first cable tester to pinpoint sources of crosstalk or return loss anywhere along an entire link.

Clients are invited to witness a sample of the tested outlets, 10% as a guideline, and a valid calibration certificate is available upon request.