Aruba Networks

If you are looking for a fast, high performance, flexible and secure wireless solution, you could not do better than Aruba Network’s technology. Whether you are dealing  with issues around connectivity, network privileges, or BYOD, Aruba has the answer, and performs better than Cisco and other competitor’s systems when the density of connected devices increases.

Only Aruba gets the very best performance from the latest and fastest wireless protocol  – 802.11ac – while allowing devices that use older protocols to connect at the maximum possible speed.

There are no issues with “sticky clients” as the best access point is automatically chosen regardless of the type of device or operating system.

Common IT processes can be automated and it is possible to integrate with existing web based systems such as helpdesks. Sign on is automatic and secure and allows access to work apps according to predetermined policies.

All the information you need about devices and their users is at your fingertips , including application usage, location and time of day.

Cable-Talk are fully trained and accredited Aruba installers and can offer competitive pricing.