Wireless Networks

Cable-Talk provide a complete wireless network design, supply, installation and maintenance service throughout the UK, EMEA, and worldwide.

We provide high performance, secure wireless networking  solutions across a wide range of environments including:

  • Small offices
  • Large enterprises
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Sport and event Venues
  • Hotels

Cable-Talk are vendor neutral and can work out the best solution for your specific needs.

With the current growth in the use of smartphones and tablets etc, and BYOD we have the best solutions available to keep you connected at the best speeds possible, reliably and securely.

We can provide a complete wireless network design service using the very latest Fluke Airmagnet technology..

Fluke AirMagnet Survey is the most accurate solution for planning and designing 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless networks for optimal performance, security and compliance. It calculates the ideal quantity, placement and configuration of access points for a successful wireless LAN deployment.

AirMagnet Survey goes way beyond just verifying RF coverage, by plotting actual end-user network performance in terms of connection speed, throughput and packet statistics. The end result is a complete Wi-Fi “weather map” of all critical RF and end-user performance metrics.

Please see our Fluke page for more details

Please contact us at Cable-Talk to discuss any wireless issues and requirements you have safe in the knowledge that we have the best tools available and the expertise that you need.