Otherwise know as IP surveillance, CCTV over IP enables live video to be transmitted, stored and managed over a single data network. It increases flexibility for personnel, event, object and location surveillance and will easily integrate with existing analogue CCTV systems. There are many advantages to IP-based surveillance techniques. In a traditional CCTV environment, users have to analyse many hours worth of videotape, whereas CCTV over IP provides greater control of live and recorded footage.

Cable-Talk are delighted to offer the best support, implementation and rationalisation services available in relation to IP CCTV. IP CCTV is often known under a guise of different names and is in essence a system of cameras linked by network software which offer greater protection to properties. Unlike regular CCTV cameras, IP CCTV can turn images and audio recordings into data which is then transferred across the network where it can be analysed. One of the advantages of this is that a wealth of data which is stored and recorded can be used by the IP CCTV operator.

Cable-Talk provide an IP CCTV service to a variety of industries and buildings. We have installed our systems into government properties, retail venues, large private businesses and offices throughout the country. We are popular with new buildings but our flexibility is such that we can fit our cables over existing wires which are found in old buildings. Our technicians are all fully qualified to at least BICSI Installer Level 1, meaning that our professional staff are able to complete the job no matter how large the task is. Due to Cable Talk being independent our employees are able to offer impartial advice on the best way to install IP CCTV.

A further service which Cable-Talk provide in relation to IP CCTV is rationalisation which involves a full survey and tidy-up service for larger companies. We can arrange to carry out the IP CCTV rationalisation service at a time to suit the company, including working out of hours so that business trade is not lost. By carrying out rationalisation we can speed up your IP CCTV digital performance across your IP CCTV network. For further information on the great IP CCTV system deals available from Cable Talk simply contact any of our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.