Structured Cabling

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Structured (or network) cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that determine how to wire for data or voice communications, commonly using Cat5e or Cat6 cable and modular sockets.  This is often paired with rationalisation which ensures that you get a brand new cable set up without any hassle caused by untidy wires or cables. Rationalisation is the process of ensuring that all your machines and cables are clean, tidy and working efficiently. This is achieved through the effective patching of systems, cleaning up unsightly wires and tidying up convoluted systems.

We provide two standard varieties of cabling: Shielded cabling, where one or more insulated conductors is enclosed by a common conductive layer, thus protecting them from power frequency and radio frequency interference, and also UTP cabling which is not shielded. This lack of shielding results in a high degree of flexibility as well as excellent durability. UTP cables are found in many networks and telephone systems and are also the most common cable used in computer networking.