Fibre Optic Cabling

Optical fibres are now used in almost every aspect of the communications network and are widely accepted as the ultimate structured cabling medium.

We can supply a full optical cabling solution over both mediums, i.e. single and multi-mode. This incorporates an extensive range of cable and connector types supported by other accessories necessary to provide a complete optical installation.

Perfect for telephone and cable connections as well as high speed internet, fibre optic cabling is a popular choice for businesses that need speed on their side. Comprising of optical fibres, these cables boast a mix of specialist properties and transfer data via light waves. Each optic fibre element, which is made up of strings of glass as thin as a human hair, is coated with plastic layers and covered in a protective tube to prevent it from damage. This cladding ensures that the cables can withstand poor weather conditions, making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

The popularity of fibre optic cabling is on the rise as many users recognise its distinct advantages over the traditional copper wire alternative. Although copper wire, which uses electronic pulses to transmit information, has a number of positives it is not as fast at carrying data as optic cables. The light pulse technology used in fibre optic cabling also has a larger amount of bandwith, which allows signals to be carried over a greater distance. They are also lightweight, flexible and non-flammable because they do not require electricity to operate. What does that mean for you? Interference will be reduced making your phone lines much clearer, signal loss or attenuation will be slashed and data security will be improved – fibre optic cables do not radiate any signal, which means they are ideal for government communications or any form of business where non disclosure is key. These cables are also ideal for linking mutliple floors together in the same building, allowing each member of your team to benefit equally from the same wires.

To secure a faster internet speed, quality phone line and reliable television signal, obtaining compact and cost effective fibre optic cabling is a must. Put your company on the fast track to success by contacting the team of experts at Cable-Talk today. Although slightly more expensive than copper wire, this state-of-the-art technology is worth the extra investment. We can discuss the options with you, design a bespoke installation, fit the cables and provide a service warranty.