Government Department – Glasgow

Customer:         Government Department

Location:          Strathclyde, Glasgow

Requirements:   An up to date system able to cope with VoIP requirements

Equipment:       Excel Category 6 LSOH copper cable and patch leads, Category 6 24 port patch panels and Category 6 6c modules

Customer’s View

 The work of the department is of a nature where we could not run the risk of being unable to operate during our regular working hours. The team from Cable-Talk provided us with a flexible work schedule which meant we could continue normally with little or no disruption at all. The end result is a fast and efficient network which has resulted in the department being able to provide improved levels of service to customers with the peace of mind that the system installed comes with a 25 year warranty.

Representative of the Government Dept

 This busy government department based in Strathclyde provides one of two accounting functions covering the entire UK mainland. On a day to day basis the department handles numerous enquiries and endeavours to offer the highest levels of service to its customers.

The Requirement

To handle the growing number of enquiries and to allow the government department to operate more efficiently VoIP handsets were deployed. Not long after this took place it became apparent that the existing Category 3 cabling infrastructure was unable to cope with the volumes of traffic, with errors occurring daily it was essential that a new infrastructure system be installed.

Sourcing a Partner

 Established in 1996 Cable-Talk initially began by specialising in providing fast and competitively priced sub-contract services for major systems integrators. From those foundations they established themselves as a major player in the cable market, seeing growth achieved predominately from referrals from satisfied customers.

Cable-Talk was initially drafted in by the government department to test the existing cabling within the building. This identified a high percentage of failures on the existing Category 3 system which subsequently led to Cable-Talk putting together a detailed quotation and delivering an informative presentation to the government team. This resulted in Cable-Talk winning the project to install a Category 6 system.

The Right Product

 Cable-Talk opted for the Excel range of products, one which they had much experience of installing. The Excel brand is owned and distributed by Mayflex. Mayflex leads the way in the distribution of Converged IP Solutions. Having a long established relationship with Mayflex which provides a reliable source of products and as an approved Excel Cabling Partner, all helped to influence Cable-Talk’s decision to go with an Excel Category 6 solution.

Excel structured cabling products constitute an end-to-end solution where performance and ease of installation are prerequisites. With an emphasis on compatibility and standards compliance ‘from cable to cabinet’, reliability and product availability, Excel is the complete trusted solution, and is now used by the government department across all of the UK’

Acceptance to become a cabling partner follows an application process based around technical and commercial capability along with a commitment to undergo extensive training which requires applicants to sit an exam to demonstrate they have a full understanding of the Excel Structured Cabling System, including how to design, install and test systems in accordance with the Excel guidelines, best practice and above all standards compliance.

Having undergone the pre-requisites to become a cabling partner and repeatedly working with the Excel product range, Cable Talk felt this was the best solution for the job in hand. Another benefit of being an ECP meant that Cable Talk were able to provide a system warranty which would cover the government department for 25 years.

Design and Installation

A total of 1936 Category 6 data locations were installed in the building spread over 4 floors. The new Category 6 solution had to be installed to run alongside the existing Category 3 network.

Excel Category 6 U/UTP LSOH cable is designed for optimal support of High-Speed data protocols delivering 1 Gbps performance to the workstation. Designed to be quick and easy to install the cable requires no specialist installation tools and is supplied in reelex packaging for fast, snag free installation. Installed along with Category 6 patch panels, designed to meet or exceed the latest ISO and TIA requirements and Category 6, 6c modules which allow for fast and easy installation and result in a low profile finish collectively provide full link and channel compliance on the system installed.

Excel Category 6 systems are amongst a handful in the industry with both channel and component verification. Third party verifications are an independent ‘tick in the box’, verifying either a product or a set of products’ compliance with a particular standard. Products are provided to the laboratory for testing to ISO and EIA/TIA cabling standards. Each of the key products used to build an Excel Category 6 cabling solution have component level standards compliant performance verification from Delta.

EC VERIFIED from Delta is the ultimate independent mark of global approval for cables and connecting hardware. It stands for undisputed world-wide quality assurance. 

Staff’s normal day to day working patterns could not be disrupted neither could they be relocated while the system upgrade took place. All work was carried out over a period of 10 weeks during 12 hour evening shifts, Monday to Thursday 6pm – 6am and at weekends.

The efficient and tidy way in which the Cable-Talk team worked meant that staff were actually unaware that major changes were being made each night once they went home. 

The Result

The Government department now have a structured cabling system that will support the requirements of VoIP. In addition to this users have seen a significant increase in performance along with a huge reduction in costs associated to maintenance call out charges.

A further major benefit experienced is the future security of the network. As Cable-Talk is an Excel Cabling Partner, the company can provide a 25 year warranty on Excel products, giving peace of mind well into the future.

“I am delighted to say that upon completion of this project we have seen little if any faults at all. The team were on hand after the last evening shift had been completed to provide support but had very little to do, all in all another successful Excel install for Cable-Talk”.

Mark Taylor, Project Manager, Cable-Talk

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